Social Awareness through Twitter Retweets

News 11:10 October 2019:

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We are living in the information age. It is an age where information on eh various happenings all over the world is readily available. This has resulted in a situation where a lot of the veil things that are taking place all over the world are being exposed on a daily basis. People are mostly looking at it as a situation where the world is getting more and more rotten with each passing day. This can actually be said to be true but there is also the other aspect that these are things that have been happening all along it is just that the information was not being put out there thus people did not really know about them.

Social media platforms have been the biggest source of all this information that is being shared all over the world. Today, when a lot of information is released, it is first released on social media. Twitter has actually become very popular for this. We are given getting situations where governments are releasing critical information via tweets. Twitter has actually become a very power social media platform as far as sharing of information is concerned and subsequently twitter retweets have become very powerful instruments.

The more twitter retweets a certain tweet enjoys, the more visible it becomes and hence the more the information it is sending out gets to reach many people. People have used this instrument to their advantage in very many ways. They have really worked with the instrument and have been able to get a lot of information out to a large number of peoplewithin a very short time.

That being said, maybe it is time that we start using the instruments aha are twitter retweets in a positive way.Instead of using the retweets to send out gossip and other irrelevant information, perhaps we can start using them to create special awareness of matters that are affecting our societies today. There are so many things that are going wrong with our societies today. As a matter of fact, the moral fabric in our society today is completely broken. Children are literally being raised by the internet and all they know to be right or wrong is what they see to be perceived to be right or wrong on the social media platforms.

It is a fact that a large number of children in the world todayare being raised by social media.The parents are busy looking for money to meet the children’s needs that they literally do not have any time to actually parent the children. In this regard, we should step up as a society and start using these instruments at our disposal such as the twitter retweets for good.  Twee out positive information aha actually educates and brings to eh light the wrongs that are being committed in the society and how they can be corrected. Work to ensure that these tweets get as much retweets as possible. Let us create a trend where it is positive information that is trending all over for the good of our children, future generations and society as a whole.