The 2 most important Laws to follow when seeking many Free Followers on social media

News 11:10 October 2019:

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There are several laws that guide the use of social media. Some of these laws, like the law of acknowledgement should be an obvious guideline for anyone seeking to get the attention of other users and perhaps attract several hundred free followers out of them. Just like you wouldn’t ignore someone who reached out to you in real life therefore, never ignore the people who like or share your posts. But besides acknowledgement, the laws of quality and patience are other two undocumented rules that anyone seeking to become popular on any social web must always have.

Quality, like the experts say, trumps quantity. It doesn’t make any sense to post a hundred tweets that aren’t interesting or thought provoking in any way. You would get no likes out of them. Post something that social network users will want to share and comment about. And as you do that, be patient because getting many free followers is not as easy as many people would like it to be. After all, real success never comes overnight. You have to sweat for it.