Twitter Likes

News 12:10 October 2019:

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In a world where social media is the norm, who in the right mind does not want to become popular?  Believe you me, every one on these platforms to have a great number of following and this is great.  It enables you to socialize and share important information with others on the platform.   If you are on Twitter, how in essence do you increase your following?  Is it by the number or Twitter likes you receive or by the number of followers you have at any given time?

This will depend considerably from person to person but you can increase the same by what you share and post online.  Be sensitive to other users and if possible, avoid foul language on social media platform, it is not professionally and is an uncouth way of doing things.  If you want to increase your Twitter likes, you need to mind greatly about your language and how you present yourself even in the most undesirable conditions.  Ensure that you build trust and not enemies online.