We all need friendly support at one time or another

News 11:10 October 2019:

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How many Twitter likes have you received over times?  Can you keep count or you absolutely have no idea?  If you answer yes then I want to consider you to be techno savvy.  Each time you like a comment or a post, the poster of the comment or the post in question is notified and you also increase your likes.  That is the main reason you should be more interactive on the platform, it helps you build your likes.   It also enables you to follow what posts you like if you care to check back.

The Twitter likes lovely icon allows one to appreciate comments from others, acknowledge that you took time and read or viewed their tweet and lastly is a way of support.  Everyone not even on the social media platform at one time or another yearns for support from different avenues.  By appreciating and acknowledging your post, it is a way of showing my support for you and giving you a hand to hold through my liking.    That kind of support can go along way.