What are social resellers for?

News 11:10 October 2019:

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These days, millenials mostly, spend a lot of time in social media. Twitter is one of the most addicting social media app that most of us use. But what are the things that you can get from posting on twitter, having many social resellers, and sharing photos. Achieving a lot of likes on twitter needs a lot of work and effort. You need to think of an 140 characters that has a sense that can contribute to our country, or something funny, you need to create a trendy hash tags, you also need to take a perfect picture that can attract your followers. Achieving a lot of social resellers is not as easy as one, two, three. In the twitter app, you have a lot of opponents. Some people share a thread that has more sense than yours, some creates hash tags that got into the top 10 trending list, others post a better pictures than yours that attract way more users than you.


Social resellers are not just for that, liking a certain post on twitter helps you see or bookmark a thread so you will be able to see it again. It also express appreciation, which is a good thing. Because some people suffer from depression, anxiety or some people are just lonely, liking their tweets can gain their self confidence and lessen the stress that they feel. It also shows support on the specific user’s tweet that you liked. Liking a tweet is also a way to achieve more followers. It can also express a person’s thought of having an interest on that certain person by liking their tweets, this can only happen when the person is shy this is expressing affection.


Those aren’t just the things you’ll get. You can also use twitter polls for you certain businesses. You can think of a trending topic then use it as a poll, for example is The Oscars, let’s say you are a fashion designer and you’ll need an idea for your client. You can use the poll to ask your followers what gown from Oscars is the best, a Slip dress? a Casual Maxi? It’s like having a conversation with people, you can also widen your ability to reach and to ask a lot of people by just using your poll. Using polls are not just for your job or your business, it can be also just for your entertainment. You can ask people what do they like, for example in cakes, specifically, chocolate cake? vanilla cake? You can widen your chance to get Social resellers by just using these polls.


People can also fake Social resellers by using apps that gives free likes. People, usually use apps that can boost social resellers for business, to say that their business is popular and legit and also for attention, so other people can say that they are so famous. But Social resellers doesn’t change who you are, it’s just an app for entertainment.